Fleshlight Shower Mount Review

fleshlight shower mount

So basically the Fleshlight Shower Mount is for guys who like to have sex in the shower, and want to recreate or simulate the experience. Simple as that. You like the feeling of fucking some babe while hot (or cold) water is pouring down onto your dick and her pussy. In short, sex in the shower in a fucking hot experience. And while it’s dirty it’s actually clean: you aren’t drenched in sweat afterwards and, since you’re in the shower, it’s quick and easy to clean your cum off her.

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Fleshlight is always on the cumming edge of male sex toys, and they’re just created another place for us Fleshlight enthusiasts to simulate an incredibly sexual experience. Before the Fleshlight Shower Mount, you had to use a hands-free kit, which isn’t designed for water / shower use.

How To Set Up The Fleshlight Shower Mount

The Mount was quite easy to set up. These are the steps to follow to get it going:

1. Unscrew the end-cap from a Fleshlight product.


2. Screw the shower-mount on. You’ll see it fits perfectly.


3. Stick the suction circle onto glass or any flat surface. You’ll see it sucks tightly to the surface.


4. Stick your cock into it and screw its brains out.

Advantages Of The Shower Mount

When you are having sex, the only thing you’re normally holding onto is the woman. Obviously with a Fleshlight you have to keep it in your hand when you are jerking off with it. So a hands-free situation obviously brings you even closer to the actual experience of sexual intercourse. And a hands-free in the shower takes it even one step further, in that if you can thrust your body and thus your penis in and out of the Fleshlight Shower Mount, without having to keep it in your hand.

Another advantage is that it’s easier to clean after you’ve come, because you just need to wash it off along with your body. Also it’s so convenient being in the shower, and also a private area, seeing though it’s quite natural to masturbate in your bathroom or shower in any case.

I also found it quite hardy and durable. It’s not some crappy Made-in-China piece of plastic that’s likely to fall off the wall or glass that easily. Believe me when you’re thrusting in and out of it, it needs a lot of durability to stay on the wall and give you that intense feeling.

If you haven’t used the hands-free kit or you would like a simpler version of it, this product is for you.


Some people might say that this is a bit of a gimmick, in that you don’t really need it to masturbate. And that’s true, of course you can masturbate with your Fleshlight quite fine without it. However it should be seen as an add-on to your collection, something to spice up your masturbation sessions even more.

Compatibility with Your Fleshlight Case

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is compatible with most cases. The only one it isn’t is the Clear Case, so bear that in mind. It also won’t work with the Fleshlight BladeFlight or Sex In A Can products.

Can You Buy It Separately or With A Case?

You can either buy the mount by itself (going for only $21 through this link) or with a case and mold  (this link)

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