Fleshlight Novelty

Are Fleshlights Worth It?

I’m often asked the simple, but important, question: Are Fleshlights Worth It? As with most things in life, the answer is…it depends. I’ll try to be as objective as possible in answering whether Fleshlights are worth it. Fleshlights ARE worth it if… 1. You aren’t getting as much sex as you would like The Fleshlight... Read More »

The Ultimate Pocket Pussy For You

If you’re looking for the most realistic feeling, best selling, and highest quality pocket pussy you can afford, you are going to want a Fleshlight. These pocket pussies have been around for longer than virtually any other male sex toy,  and are highly praised by new and returning customers. What Is The Fleshlight Pocket Pussy... Read More »

Fleshlight Blade Review

Fleshlight Blade Price The Fleshlight Blade is a newer product offered by Interactive Life Forms. It is a very unique Fleshlight, running about $50, which means it will take a smaller slice out of your pocket than other higher priced Fleshlights. Fleshlight Blade Texture The Fleshlight Blade has a unique texture and case. The case... Read More »

Fleshlight Flight Review

Update: Fleshlight is offering a special discounted offer at only $42.46 if you follow this link. Interactive Life Forms, the leaders and innovators of the Male Sex Toy market have done it again! Introducing the all new, sleek, compact and refined “Flight”. This improved model is also cheaper than a full sized (9 inch) Fleshlight.... Read More »

MILF Hunter Fleshlight

Cost: $79.95 – Buy Now (if you provide your email address you get 20% off, and 1 week free access to MILF Hunter). I’m on a sexual safari. I preyed upon the Fleshlight Girls and stalked people at Interactive Life Forms (the company behind the Fleshlight, and just kidding about the stalking). But to really... Read More »

Alien Fleshlight Orifice

Some people are asking about the Alien Fleshlight Orifice, how it compares to other fleshlight orifices, and what some users’ impressions and feedback have been from using it. Here’s a picture of what the Alien Fleshlight Orifice looks like from the front: As you can see the orifice has a unique and unusual look to... Read More »

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture Fleshlight have just released their latest Fleshlight texture known as the Ice Crystal texture. What’s special about it is that both the sleeve as well as the case is see-through, which makes it quite kinky and erotic seeing your penis move through it and in and out. All the new Fleshlight... Read More »

Alien Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight have recently relaunched the Alien Fleshlight, which looks ultra-cool (I’ll avoid the ‘out of this world’ cliches here), and is designed to provide a unique fleshturbating experience. Personally I love it when Interactive Life Forms come out with a collectible Fleshlight, not because I want to safeguard it in a drawer for future generations... Read More »