Fleshlight Demo Videos

A lot of newbie fleshturbators have asked me to provide a fleshlight demo to show how the fleshlight works, some basic features of the product, and how you actually use it. I’ve put together some fleshlight demo videos to illustrate this.

Basic Fleshlight Demo

You might as well watch a demo of the fleshlight that includes a sexy blonde, I mean why not. Just watching her turns me on. Here she demonstrates the basics of the product, including the packaging, the casing and the inner textures:

Now that you have a basic understanding of the product, here’s a fleshlight demo video on how to adjust the rear casing to increase the tightness, how to warm the fleshlight in water, how to lube the fleshlight, and finally how to clean it after use:

Fleshlight Girls

Eva Angelina (one of the Fleshlight Girls) gives a demo of what a Fleshlight Girls vagina looks and feels like:

Alien Fleshlight Demo

Here is a fleshlight demo of the Alien Fleshlight. The video is not that great but shows what the casing, orifice and inner texture look like:

Fleshlight Ice Demo

Here’s pretty rough and ready demo of the fleshlight ice, but at least it shows you what it looks like inside and out:

Fleshlight Mount Demo

The fleshlight mount is a hands-free kit for using the male sex toy without needing hold it in your hands. In this video you get to see the mount, but I thought I’d keep it safe so you just see a sexy babe demonstrating it (but you can easily imagine yourself in that position):

I hope that these fleshlight demonstrations helped you out and gave you a better idea of the product and fleshlight ranges.