Fleshlight Cleaner

A lot of people have heard about sex toys, but few know what to do with them. For example, some may have seen porn featuring lube or masturbators that include a cover for the toy, but never really done it because they don’t know how to use one!

That is totally fine until you pick up a vagina for yourself or someone else! Vaginas need your help cleaning themselves after play, just like any other body part!

Some people are reluctant to try using a masturbation sleeve due to the price.Why should I use fleshlight cleaner?

The first thing most people do when they get their hands dirty with their new sex toy is wash it! This makes sense because your body comes in contact with your lube and skin during masturbation, so cleaning your sex toy is important to preserve its quality.

Sadly, using regular soap or alcohol wipes can be harmful for your sex toys. When washing your sex toy, make sure you are using only products that are safe for your silicone sex gear.

Regular cleaners may contain chemicals like triclosan which break down the gel in our sex toys and remove the protective coating. Both of these effects reduce the intensity and durability of the material. In fact, some materials lose up to 70% of their effectiveness due to this breakdown.

Since we already know that dirt, bacteria and oil can cause damage to your sex toy, making it less effective, it is very important to clean it properly. Luckily, there are many easy ways to do just that without harming your product.How do I use fleshlight cleaner?

When cleaning your sex toy, make sure to wash it with an appropriate amount of cleanser!
You can either use a pre-made cleansing solution or you can make your own using ingredients such as water, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and dry shampoo.

We recommend starting off with washing it with just plain water to see if it is clean before adding more components. Make sure to rinse thoroughly until no trace of the liquid remains.

Never use paper towels for cleaning because they won’t soak up all of the excess liquids that the body produces during arousal. These residuals could potentially stick to the next layer of the toy which may not be removable.Will fleshlight cleaner damage my fleshlight?

While using too much liquid-based cleansers to wash your fleshlights can potentially cause harm, using just enough is safe! There are some brands that make it marketed as a sex toy cleaning solution, but unfortunately, they do not contain any ingredients listed on their website or in several online reviews.

These types of liquids are often called “lubricant cleaners” because people claim them to be effective for removing leftover lube. However, there is no proof that this works nor does it require heat to work. Using these types of products could actually hurt your sex toy due to the alcohol content.

Alcohol is a very powerful solvent so if you use too much, it could easily ruin the material used to create your sex toy. Melon gel is one such material that can be damaged by alcohol.Are there any ingredients in fleshlight cleaner?

While some people clean their sex toys with water or alcohol, these are not good for your vagina or penis!

Many cleaning products contain chemicals like benzene, toluene, diethyl ether, acetone, propane, isopropanol, ethanol, denatured alcohol, acetic acid, and triclosan. Some of these are known carcinogens or mutagens which can have long-term health effects.

Triclosan is a chemical that has been linked to changes in hormones and increased risk of infection due to its antimicrobial effect. The European Union banned triclosan from use in body wash in 2018 because of this concern.

Using a non-alcohol based cleanser may be best if you’re trying to avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary amounts of alcohol. You can also try using warm water instead of liquid soap to minimize wetting of the sex toy.How often should I use fleshlight cleaner?

While using the lube, try to keep your fingers out of the entrance for the vagina or anus as much as possible. If you have to touch it, wash your hands first and then apply some more lube before doing so!
If there is any leftover liquid, simply rinse off under running water and do not swallow it because it can be harmful if it comes in contact with your mouth or throat.

Avoid washing the product with plain water as this could potentially remove the protective layer that helps prevent bacteria from sticking to the inner surface.What are the benefits of using fleshlight cleaner?

A lot of people do not realize how important it is to clean your sex toy. More advanced users know that cleaning your sex toys is very crucial in keeping them working properly.

Most people believe that just because their toy looks dirty, then it is time to wash it. This is wrong!
Your sex toy should be cleaned at least once a week with an appropriate cleanser. The best way to determine if your sex toy needs washing is by looking for loose or dried up lubricant. If you notice this, it may need washing soon.

If you feel that your sex toy is no longer feeling good, it may be due to poor maintenance. So, make sure to give it some attention before having a bad experience.What are the drawbacks of using fleshlight cleaner?

A very common question is what are the disadvantages of using a flesh light cleaning solution. Many people feel that using too much liquid will cause your sex toy to go soft, and therefore not be able to perform properly.

Another theory is that alcohol can actually damage the material used to make your sex toy, making it break down and potentially harmful in you’s body.

Yet another theory is that alcohol may sometimes burn or dry out during use, preventing adequate lubrication for optimal pleasure. Can I use alcohol with fleshlight cleaner?

When cleaning your body butter or lube, you can usually leave it to dry alone. However, if you feel that it is not fully drying, you may be able to add an additional ingredient to help!
Many people mix their body butters with water before applying onto the skin. This helps make them slightly wet so they stick better.