Fleshlight Textures

Eva Angelina Fleshlight

Eva Angelina was born in 1985, and began her porn career at the age of 18. Since then she has become a very popular porn actress and has won many porn awards, the top being the AVN Best Actress Award in 2008. As a result of Eva’s uber-brunette sexiness and popularity, she was given the... Read More »

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture Fleshlight have just released their latest Fleshlight texture known as the Ice Crystal texture. What’s special about it is that both the sleeve as well as the case is see-through, which makes it quite kinky and erotic seeing your penis move through it and in and out. All the new Fleshlight... Read More »

Speed Bump Texture

My penis is hard and ready to go. I got her all wet and warm. If I was expecting sex with a regular vagina I would not be as hard and ready as I am now. So I get ready for what’s to come. I slowly slip my manhood into her inviting lips. Upon entry... Read More »

Original Pink Lady

The Pink Lady Fleshlight is one of the original Fleshlight colours and orifices made available by Interactive Life Forms, starting in 1995. While the line up of the very first Fleshlights all came in the Original Lady texture, ILF decided to drop several colour designs from the line up due to poor sales. The Pink... Read More »

Get kinky with the Fleshlight

Almost everyone masturbates. It’s a fact of life. Even if you don’t masturbate often, you at least do it occasionally. It’s a stress reliever. Or perhaps you are just a horny bastard who finds self pleasure to be a hobby, and believe me there are people with money that are willing to pay quite a... Read More »

Intensity and the Fleshlight

Before we get started, we would like to remind you this is only an overview of what Fleshlights are generally accepted as “intense”. ‘Intensity’ is, as you can imagine, quite a subjective thing. The majority of Fleshlights made today come with textures inside of them. Different textures will not feel the same, and it usually... Read More »

Realism and the Fleshlight

To any newcomer that is interested in buying a Fleshlight, the options he has can be overwhelming. Not only are there several orifices and textures to choose from but the new user must also consider what he wants out of the Fleshlight. The most realism? The most intense? Maybe you’re looking for a Fleshlight that... Read More »

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