Fleshlight Advice

Get kinky with the Fleshlight

Almost everyone masturbates. It’s a fact of life. Even if you don’t masturbate often, you at least do it occasionally. It’s a stress reliever. Or perhaps you are just a horny bastard who finds self pleasure to be a hobby, and believe me there are people with money that are willing to pay quite a... Read More »

Fleshlight and your wife

One question I get asked a lot by married men is how can they can introduce a fleshlight into their sex life? These men may have a wife who wouldn’t, for some reason, be immediately accepting of a male using a sex toy in the bedroom. On the flip side, however, I find a lot... Read More »

Liberate your sexuality with the fleshlight

After owning a Fleshlight for so many years, I feel compelled to talk about my experiences. I have found that the barrier between males talking honestly and openly about their sexuality can often be blocked by our egos or the ego of others. While it’s commonly accepted that males have a high sex drive, it... Read More »

Male Sexuality and Sex Toys

So you might be new to the notion of using a male sex toy. But don’t be shy. Women have had the luxury of using a vibrator for many decades now. Even if they can have sex almost anytime they want, females have the option of using something that can feel better than the real... Read More »

Intensity and the Fleshlight

Before we get started, we would like to remind you this is only an overview of what Fleshlights are generally accepted as “intense”. ‘Intensity’ is, as you can imagine, quite a subjective thing. The majority of Fleshlights made today come with textures inside of them. Different textures will not feel the same, and it usually... Read More »

Realism and the Fleshlight

To any newcomer that is interested in buying a Fleshlight, the options he has can be overwhelming. Not only are there several orifices and textures to choose from but the new user must also consider what he wants out of the Fleshlight. The most realism? The most intense? Maybe you’re looking for a Fleshlight that... Read More »

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